5 Reasons why wearing glasses is better than contact lenses!

 An interesting argument. Many pros and cons to both with oh so much to consider - lifestyle, comfort, convenience, budget and aesthetics. As we are an eyewear brand, it is only right that we highlight why a pair of shiny new spectacles is the way to go. A daily eye poke can’t be fun for anyone!
1. Easy
You put your glasses on, and away you go. No fuss and no poking your eye trying to adjust a tricky contact lense plus minimal maintenance with no need for special cleaning solutions!  
2. Cheap
A good solid pair of glasses is much cheaper in the long run than purchasing constant supplies of contact lenses. (providing you don’t lose them!)
3. Protection
Nothing worse than having a fly or bit of dust get in your eye! I am not saying that glasses will 100% protect you from this, but they put up a good defence!
4. Health
Unless you carry anti-bacterial hand gel around with you and apply generously every few hours, then I’m sorry to say, your hands are not that clean (ESPECIALLY if you are Londoner on the daily tube commute!)  Wearing glasses reduces the need to touch your eyes, which in turn reduces the likelihood of irritating your eyes or developing an eye infection… safety first!
5. Statement
Glasses act as an extension of your personality and can be worn in order to make bold statements. You don’t even need a prescription to rock a pair of glasses! Just go grab a pair of frames and ‘do you’!

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