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Community Festival 2017

08 July 2017

So, who else went to Community Festival last weekend? On top of our jazz escapades in Brighton, the other half of our team headed from west to north London to take in the capital's latest outdoor party, run by none other than Festival Republic.

Taking place in Finsbury Park, Community Festival opened its gates at 11.30am. Pretty early, we know, but you had until 8pm to actually turn up depending on how big your previous Friday night was. The music started just after 1pm, so early birds that wanted to get to the front of the main stage had plenty of time to do so.


Settling in early at Community Festival | Photo: SARAH BENNETT


The organisation was top notch, but what more do you expect when Festival Republic are putting on the show? There were plenty of staff dotted around everywhere to help, from people pointing you in the right direction once you got off the tube, to the vast number of bar staff serving thousands of dehydrated revellers. Queueing for the bar didn’t take that long, which is always a HUGE bonus when it’s time to wet the whistle. There were also plenty of food options available for those late afternoon munchies in between sets.


Anteros at Community Festival | Photo: SARAH BENNETT


The Hunna at Community Festival | Photo: SARAH BENNETT


There was a great line-up on the day from start to finish across the Main Stage and the N4 Stage. Ever fans of upcoming talent, we made sure to check out a few of the newer kids on the block. Awesome performances from Redfaces, Fickle Friends, Anteros and The Hunna kicked things off on the main stage before the big guns came out.

Nothing But Thieves deserve a massive shout out. Not only did they smash their set as always, but they also sorted us out backstage passes to witness the entire performance from the side on. Watching the sea of people from our vantage point was incredible – rocking out hard like you would expect.


Nothing But Thieves at Community Festival | Photo: SARAH BENNETT


There were mosh pits to the left ... mosh pits to the right ... trainers and beer (please let it have been beer) being thrown all over the place. It made a nice change watching the mayhem from afar for once, instead of being in and amongst it.


Nothing But Thieves at Community Festival

Backstage for Nothing But Thieves at Community Festival | Photo: THE FSTIVAL CLUB


Slaves were as entertaining as ever … bouncing around topless and parading a sign across the stage reading “Tories Out”. This picked up and got the entire crowd chanting “Ohhh, Jeremy Corbyn” throughout the entire day. The crowd were also treated to a cheeky guest appearance from none other than Suggs from Madness, who joined the boys to perform ‘People That You Meet’, which of course went down an absolute treat.


Slaves at Community Festival | Photo: BEN GIBSON


A real highlight for us was the knock out performance by The Wombats. Granted, that may be because of our age, but they pulled out some of their greatest tracks from back in the day. ‘Kill the Director’, 'Let’s Dance to Joy Division’ and ‘Moving to New York’ , to name a few, took us right back to the 'old' school days when a friend would download their album from Limewire for everyone to stock up their MP3 players – or iPods if your parents loved you enough! They even brought the infamous Wombats mascot along with them. Class.


The Wombats at Community Festival

The Wombats at Community Festival | Photo: SARAH BENNETT

Catfish and the Bottlemen at Community Festival | Photo: SARAH BENNETT


Then it was time for the headliner of the day, no introduction needed: Catfish and the Bottlemen. They had everyone screaming along from the get-go when they opened with a classic track from Dean Martin’s “Ain’t that a Kick in the Head?”. They were the cherry on top of the cake. All in all, it was a great day at the office – we look forward to next year for round two! 




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