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After spending 6 days camping on a cliff in Newquay for iconic surfing and music festival Boardmasters last week, we’ve definitely picked up a few survival tips and tricks. Whether you still have a late summer festival lined up for this year, or are already thinking about what 2018 will bring, we’ve rounded up our top 5 lessons to make sure you have a fashionable and fun festival experience. 


Watergate Bay | Boardmasters 2017



This is something we learnt the hard way this year. Whilst we’ve never had any issue in the past, being perched on top of a windy cliff side by the Atlantic put our tent construction skills to the test. Like many festival-goers looking to save on cash, we “invested” in a 4-man £15 tent from the supermarket … never again. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re in beautiful sunshine in the middle of the desert at Burning Man or at Boardmasters in the middle of an unexpected British hurricane; cheap tent poles can break with the slightest of pulls. Our poles did just that, and all of a sudden we were one tent down. Luckily there was room in the main tent when we all shuffled along a bit, but it wasn’t ideal. Invest in a proper tent or make sure you bring a spare! You want to be watching Stormzy on the main stage, not struggling to find somewhere to sleep that night. 


Stormzy on the main stage | Boardmasters 2017



It will always get cold in the evening, period. 30 degrees during the day? Great! 1am? Back down to 12 degrees. Even in the height of July, sometimes we forget that we still need to wrap up warm. The temperature can drop drastically when you’re camping outside in a field and you’ll feel it all the more if you’ve not been eating or drinking properly over the party days.

Even if the weatherman promises you a heat wave, don’t be fooled. This is England after all. Always take a hoodie and some warm trousers, and obviously a waterproof set. It may be annoying and space-filling to pack, but you’ll be glad you did. We certainly were when we were at the side of the main stage for Frank Turner's performance when the clouds went grey, the winds picked up and the rain was blowing right into our faces! Lovely. 


Frank Turner braving the wind and rain | Boardmasters 2017



We don’t want to seem biased … but your number one summer festival fashion accessory has to be your sunglasses. We would also like to (subtly) suggest that you invest in a proper pair that has REAL UVA protection. Of course, it’s a festival; things that you buy cheaply go missing, sat or stamped on … but hey, if you invest in a proper pair, you’ll do your best to look after them … and you’ll look slick in the process.

We saw loads of awesome eyewear styles this summer at a number of city and countryside festivals and people are really getting adventurous with their choices. Our team were rocking our classic Supersonic aviators, this season’s Lexington preppy rounds and last season’s Latitude wayfarers. Get the looks here


Charlie in Lexington suns in black

Mark in Latitude suns in black

Rebecca in Supersonic sunglasses in lime green



It’s official. Glitter is EVERYWHERE. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, what you’re wearing etc. Glitter is god. Buy some before you go or take a stroll down to the festival glitter stations that are now staples in the main arena of every worldwide event.

The whole reason people go to festivals is to escape the mundane everyday and enjoy the freedom, the music, the food, the sights, the people and the parties … AKA to behave like you’re not always allowed to. Does that mean covering your face in sparkly stuff? Damn right it does. Go for the glitter-beard, go for the glitter eyes and go for the glitter-boobs (which is now apparently a thing). Go hard or go home, we say!




As we discovered at Boardmasters through Surfers Against Sewage, ocean plastic waste is at an all time high and ever increasing. Their goal as official sponsors of the event, is to encourage the masses who attend to invest in reusable water bottles and to avoid repeatedly buying plastic ones in order to save the environment. Now, not every festival happens to be situated next to the ocean and therefore, has the same immediate environmental concerns. However, the 'importance of recycling' message is the same.  



Global plastic waste is a huge issue. In 2016, a global population of more than 7 billion people produced over 320 million tonnes of plastic, and this is set to double by 2034 (Surfers Against Sewage, 2017). What makes these figures so frustrating is that something that can genuinely be done by every single one of us to reduce them. Water bottles are sold in every supermarket in the country and cost as little as £2.



We’ve all seen the plastic cups and bottles strewn across the fields the morning after the main event, and we all think it’s gross. So why don’t we all do our bit to help? We invested in ours this summer and not only were we helping to save the planet, but the water stayed fresh and cool … just what’s needed after a long night of dancing! So next time, take a reusable bottle with you; they look real pretty and they’ll save you money from buying multiple plastic ones throughout the weekend. Win-win!




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