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Lake District-bred Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher make up dreamy duo Aquilo. If you haven't heard of them, we recommend getting a box of tissues, maybe a glass of wine and an old photo album before you start their playlist - you'll be getting all the feels.

When Aquilo walked out onto their dry-iced, blue-lit stage with not only their bassist and drummer but a string quartet as well, we knew we were in for an atmospheric treat.


Opening with hit single 'Human', Tom's haunting and pitch-perfect vocals echoed around the room to a deep bass line that kicked in and got everyone swaying, as Ben's powerful backing vocals gave the song an incredible gravitas. 

Followed by belting out tear-jerkers 'I Gave It All', 'Waiting', 'Losing You' and 'You There', Tom and Ben never faltered; their intrinsically linked harmonies and seamless switching of guitars to keyboards flowed like water. The pair also played newer singles 'You Won't Know Where You Stand' and 'Silhouette', which have already featured on hit TV shows The Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, So You Think You Can Dance, Made In Chelsea and Pretty Little Liars



While the whole evening was a highlight in itself, performances of less melancholic tunes 'Good Girl' and 'Never Seen You Get So Low' provided an up tempo and rhythmic respite from all the ethereal to-ing and fro-ing.

Supported by Meadowlark, another duo with a folky / electronic ambience about them, the night was a crowd pleaser for all ages who came out to support both groups. A warm and enigmatic pair with a very humble and modest awareness of their effect on their audience, these guys are a class act truly distinctive in sound, a rare trait these days. As Aquilo head on over to tour North America next week with Låpsley, we await with baited breath for their next emotion-packed, escapist album and round of touring dates.



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