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Hook Gigs: HalfNoise

20 January 2017

The Camden Assembly is certainly pulling in the best of the best. We went to our favourite North London haunt to watch American indie-rock band HalfNoise's London show of their current tour.

Creator of HalfNoise and formerly original Paramore drummer, Zac Farro, led the band with an unparalleled level of positive energy and super happy vibes. Kicking off with 2016 single 'Know The Feeling', Zac got everyone instantly grooving with sumptuous drum beats, guitar hooks and the non-stop shaking of his headless Tamborine. It was a feel-good set right from the off; a smiley, optimistic, sunny environment.



Fans had travelled from as far as Italy and even New Zealand and had made the dedicated effort to coordinate with Zac's trademark red beanie; it was like watching 50 ecstatic Where's Wally's dancing all at once at the edge of the stage. Truly lovely to see. Leading into 'Leaving', 'Love You Back', 'Remember When' and beautiful balled 'Mountain', Zac kept the audience dancing and joking with him in between songs. An obviously confident crowd-pleaser and humble guy, Zac never faltered in his mission to create a joyful experience for everyone. 



HalfNoise sang upcoming single 'French' for the first time to the London crowd, a future surefire hit and one that will probably go down well when they move onto Paris to headline this weekend. Feel-good tunes 'In The Summer' and 'Inside', followed by the emotional 'Picture Of You' wrapped up the middle section of the gig. It was all going by too quickly. I genuinely didn't want the music to end. 



They effortlessly fitted into the London scene with a musical sound all their own; although technically defined as indie-rock, it was so much more than that. It was indie-rock mixed with elements of electro-pop with funky ambient and progressive highlights. Accompanied by Daniel Kadawatha on keyboards, Joseph Mullen on drums, Ryan Carins on bass and Logan MacKenzie on guitar, the five-piece were tight, controlled and emotive.



The final 3 songs were charged. After listening to them before the gig and how great they sounded on my headphones, the live versions blew me out of the water. 'Telephone' felt like a direct homage to the 80's, whilst 'Sudden Feeling' was my personal favourite of the night, with an atmospheric bridge and knockout chorus. Finishing with the last killer song, 'Always', HalfNoise left everyone on a high.



After hanging around trying to get a picture of the crew, it was clear that there was only time for the fans. The boys spent nearly 2 hours signing t-shirts and vinyls, taking selfies and talking with fans like the best of friends, asking them were they came from and what they do. It was worth sacrificing a shot to see that their time was so humbly spent making sure that every single person who attended got individual attention.


With Zac Farro reuniting with Paramore on their 2017 studio sessions, HalfNoise continuing to tour in Europe and a bucket load of festivals and gigs all over the world under their belt, it is clear HalfNoise is heading for high heights. Rumour has it Zac will be bringing the band back to the UK in the autumn, so keep your eyes peeled.


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