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 Last week we went to see Aussie-born / London-based band Tempesst perform at The Lexington in Angel. Relatively new to the circuit, yet performing with a sound already worthy of supporting the likes of Tame Impala and Albert Hammond Jnr, the band, led by twins Toma and Andy Banjanin, set the stage on indie-fire.



Having already played at The Great Escape and the 2016 NME Awards, Tempesst have every chance of becoming a leading name in the indie/folk rock genre. Situated with a vibe somewhere between The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons and Of Monsters And Men, Tempesst soothe the ears with a musicality that manages to nod back to the 60's, 70's and 90's all at once.



Engaging in some fellow gig-goer chat is always fun. When speaking with a couple who had been to every gig since the boys had started doing the rounds, they told me I was in a for a treat ... and what a treat it was. Toma's lead vocals were passionate, directive to the crowd and beautifully melodic. Energetic displays from the entire band lifted the atmosphere as Tempesst took us all to a place of trance-like nostalgia, as perfectly summarised earlier this year by Notion Magazine.

"Australians know their psychedelia. It seems like every time a spaced-out guitar riff catches our ear there’s an Aussie behind it, a knowing smile on their face as they whip us into a frenzy of acid-induced 70s nostalgia."

This is exactly how Tempesst seduced their audience. Playing singles 'Sunflower Lady', 'Too Slow' and the ever-so-catchy 'Broke Down Blues', the five-piece charmed their audience with psychedelic vocal swaying and bluesy-rock guitars. A personal favourite track was 'Tidal Wave', sung in such a way that was almost reminiscent of beloved Arctic Monkeys frontman, Alex Turner. 



Clearly in tune with each other in more ways than syncing their keys and chords, twins Toma and Andy also played a new (as-yet-untitled) track, which made the hardcore fans lined up at the front of the stage very happy. Well, Tempesst ... you can now count Hook LDN as hardcore fans, too.

If you're the type who loves to discover new bands before they blow up and hit the big time, we recommend this lot. We can't wait to see how they climb the ladder and are sure we'll see them this summer at a multitude of rock / indie festivals; whilst their records sound epic, their music truly belongs on the stage.


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