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We headed over to The Camden Assembly to witness history in the making.

We don't know about you, but Monday's sometimes need that little extra push, something special to kickstart the week. We got just what we were looking for at The Camden Assembly last night with truly awesome performances from support acts Che Lingo and Mullally, and headlining for the first time, Tiggs da Author.

London-born rapper / lyricist Che Lingo opened the night with his eclectic offering of wavey beats in a style described by Wonderland magazine as 'bouncy hip-hop brought to life with energetic rapping and considered lyrics'. Considered lyrics they were. Powerful storytelling is this man's forte; he presented a deep rhythmic expression of frustration, betrayal, maturity and forgiveness through tracks such as 'Better Version', 'T.R.I.P' and debut single 'Channeling The Waves'.

A warm and interactive two-way relationship with the growing audience in the room showed this artist has a complete and natural talent for transporting anyone into his world.

The space quickly filled and Che ended his set stepping down from the stage and dancing with his audience. With collaborations with fellow upcoming stars such as Kojey Radical and George The Poet, Che Lingo is a fun, class act destined to go the distance representing the new age UK grime scene.

Ready for a complete switch over? We were totally unprepared for 20-year old Norfolk-born soul / jazz singer Mullally. First off, let us just say the pipes on this guy are outrageous. Absolutely, incredibly, outrageous. Where has Mullally been hiding? With a mature voice the perfect blend of all the best bits of Sam Smith, Paolo Nutini, John Mayer and Adam Levine, this young artist wowed the crowd with totally authentic and original adaptions of Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get It On' (which is hard to do in a truly refreshing way) and Drake's hit 'Controlla', which got everyone grooving.

Accompanied by his talented jazz guitarist, these two set the room alight with original songs such as 'Wonderful' and 'Troubled Love'. Already amassing a strong following on Spotify and teasing upcoming collaborations with Adidas, Mullally is fated for greatness.

Blessed with an inspiring vocal range and passion for each and every word that emulates from him like fire, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for this man's rise.

Now onto the headline act. Debuting as a headline for the first time, Tiggs da Author approached the stage with confidence and the biggest smile on any artist's face we've ever seen. It was clear that the supporting artists' contrasting styles were actually purposefully considered, as Tiggs' performance took elements of both to create something unique and inspirational.

Opening with groove hit 'Georgia', Tiggs' charisma was palpable throughout the venue.

With the likes of Radio 1 and Wonderland already fully behind this upcoming superstar and his single 'Run' (featuring Lady Leshurr) selected to appear in the new Bridget Jones' Baby film, Tiggs is a chart front-runner of tomorrow. A favourite moment was his surprise rendition of The Archies' 'Sugar Sugar', a rendition we didn't know we needed until last night, and catchy original single 'Swear Down' (featuring Yungen) was definitely what the fans had been waiting for. Tiggs da Author is a refreshing upcoming icon.


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