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Where better than Brighton's The Great Escape festival to discover the freshest new musical talent? We headed down to the now iconic seaside event with Liberty Music PR, our sunglasses and camera in tow.

We caught up with ADAL in-between shows at the GRL PWR event hosted by Liberty Music PR.


ADAL wears Apex sunglasses in gold


When did you know you wanted to be a music artist?

It was when I had a mate of mine who was playing guitar on the back of a bus one time and he was playing Nirvana songs. Before that I thought you could only kinda play classical acoustic songs on the guitar but then I heard him play and realised you could translate any music onto the guitar and into any medium.


How would you describe your musical style and influences?

I guess it's electronic, upbeat, vibey pop. I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan, whose sound influences me a lot. More than anything for me it's about the vibe. Right now I'm collaborating with a lot of different artists who have varying styles, but as long as we are creating something that has a good energy to it, then I follow that. I don't have a set-in-stone way of writing or creating, as long as it's got that positive upbeat vibe.


If you could be any artist, dead or alive, for a day, who would you be and what would you do?

I'd say Michael Jackson again, obviously without all the scandal! Just the musical talent side. I have other icons that are common for musicians to reference, but outside of that I find that great filmmakers inspire me, such as Stanley Cubrick, Martin Scorsese etc. Film actually influences my music a lot; I feel like music is so disposable these days that you need a narrative to go with it, hence the film/story-telling alignments.


ADAL wears Apex sunglasses in gold


What have you got planned for the summer? Any new music we can look forward to?

This summer I'm actually going on a world tour. Not like a big solo world tour; I'm going round with the artists that I'm collaborating with and doing shows in their home cities with them. I'll be performing with Freja in Copenhagen, Grammar in Boston, Jay Pray in LA, just to name a few ... so there will be lots of travelling which will be really exciting.


What do you do to prepare before a set performance?

I usually leave it to the last minute and literally throw a set together in the moment. I quite like the spontaneity of it and the tailored element of looking at each audience and reacting to them and what would work best for that performance.


How would you describe your style in 3 words? 

I like mixing classics with modern styles, the same way I like to mix music genres and bring them together from different eras. You know how you can have an 80s sound and combine it with a 90s kick drum or something? For me it's the same with clothes. I can take a stylistic element of the 80s and combine it with something from the 00s, or something that's trending today and mix it with a 70s twist. I feel if I follow a trend it's already over by the time I've jumped on it, so I might as well do my own thing!




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