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Where better than Brighton's The Great Escape festival to discover the freshest new musical talent? We headed down to the now iconic seaside event with Liberty Music PR, our sunglasses and camera in tow.

We caught up with Hackney-based singer-songwriter EMIL before her set at the GRL PWR event hosted by Liberty Music PR.


Listen to EMIL's debut single Hero ft P Money


EMIL wears Brook sunglasses in purple

Photo by @marcell.d.joseph


How would you describe your musical style and influences?

I think it's very laid back and chilled, but then again I'm very versatile. So I'll have some chilled songs, then I'll have upbeat tracks that are totally different. I think my voice is very distinctive, so it can lend itself to different styles quite easily. As for influences, I'm really into Lauryn Hill, Beyoncé ... I also love a bit of old school Jagged Edge, Boyz II Men, Sade etc. 


When did you know you wanted to be a music artist?

I have been doing music for a long time, but I'm new to the performing side of things. I always knew I wanted to be a singer; I don't know why but I just knew that's what I wanted to do and now I'm here making it happen. 


If you could be any artist, dead or alive, for a day, who would you be and what would you do?

That's a good question! Weirdly enough, it would be Stormzy. He's UK based and such an inspiration to UK artists making their way up. I would love to experience being on his level for a day.


EMIL wears Brook sunglasses in purple

Photo by @marcell.d.joseph


What have you got planned for the summer? Any new music we can look forward to?

I recently dropped my debut single called 'Hero' with PMoney and I'm about to drop the video so that's really cool. Then I have lots of other singles I want to drop in the near future and hopefully I will release my EP this year.


What do you do to prepare before a set performance?

I'm quite new to the scene so I don't have a routine or anything figured out just yet that works for me. I like to visualise everything before it happens. I tend to doubt myself a lot so nowadays once I've seen the space where I'm performing I'll take myself off for 5 minutes and just visualise myself doing my best!


What's been your favourite moment as an artist so far?

I'd say charting back in 2015. That's still pretty huge for me!


How would you describe your style in 3 words? 

Bold, unique and warm. Warm as in, I love warm colours. I have quite mainstream style inspiration; I think every girl would or should say Rihanna! To be honest, I am into the Kardashians ... I do take inspiration from Kylie and Kim now and again. I am pretty much the same across the board when it comes to my style though, I dress the same on stage as I do off stage.  



EMIL wears Brook sunglasses in purple

Photo by @marcell.d.joseph 




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