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HOOK LDN sponsored FARR Festival 2016.

Set within the beautiful Hertfordshire woodlands, this leading electronic dance festival acted as home to some of the world’s greatest underground DJ’s.

New to the festival, the collaboration saw Hook LDN launch and host SHARED VISION, a multipurpose venue showcasing a series of exclusive music industry talks, Q&A’s, film screenings and music acts.

Located at the centre of the festival, FARR revellers were able to catch a Q&A with hugely successful London-based techno house DJ, Kitt Proudfoot, discover how to set up a record label with DJ Tasha and Inverted Audio and listen to veteran DJ’s Sean Johnston and Andrew Weatherall speak about their sell out club nights, A Love From Outer Space.

The venue was also home to film screenings of ‘Human Traffic', ‘24 Hour Party People’, 'Star Wars; Episode VIII', 'Hotel Transylvania 2', 'Forest Gump', ' Pulp Fiction' and ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, a Hook LDN retail space and a lounge seating area to relax and unwind with a drink in-between music acts. Star performers in the tent included Charlie Deelun, Evawolf, Billy Doze, CAT Una, Oh Sister and Rob Eaton. FARR Festival Director, Oscar Thornton said,

‘Hook LDN is aspirational, unique and authentic, with a mission to become an integral part of consumer lifestyle and to support and promote new creative talent. We welcomed “Shared Vision” at Farr Festival to provide a place to discuss and promote today’s electronic music culture’.  


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