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Hook LDN x Ruby Francis: TGE 17

22 May 2017

Where better than Brighton's The Great Escape festival to discover the freshest new musical talent? We headed down for day one of the now iconic seaside event with Liberty Music PR, our sunglasses and camera in tow.

Liberty Music PR hosted the #GRLPWR segment at Hotel Pelirocco on the seafront, bringing female artists together to perform sets throughout the day and sit down for some interviews with us as well. We caught up with Londoner Ruby Francis before she played her awesome set, accompanied by Blue Lab Beats.


Ruby wears Lexington sunglasses in gold


How would you describe your musical style and influences?

I guess sort of RnB, future, soul, a little bit 80s inspired actually. My biggest influences all come from the 70s and 80s, so artists like Chaka Khan, Level 42, George Duke, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and then more recent artists from the neo-soul genre like Erika Badu, Jill Scott etc. But then I also love Joanie Mitchell, Björk ... yeah! The Neptunes, also Massive Attack ... Quite a mix!


When did you know you wanted to be a music artist?

I've been playing the piano since I can remember and then as I grew older, the piano size grew with me. I started singing in my early teens and I realised I wanted to make a career out of it about 5 years ago when I was 20.


Ruby wears Lexington sunglasses in gold


If you could be any artist, dead or alive, for a day, who would you be and what would you do?

Damn, that's a big question! I know I said her already but I think Chaka because I'd love to sing like her for a day; it would be quite something to have that voice ... and to play with her band, and have her hair! It would all be amazing.


Favourite moment as an artist so far?

I did a gig in XOYO in London last Thursday and that went so well. I supported Ace Tee and it was sold out and the crowd were amazingly responsive and supportive so I'd say that has been incredible, but it's still early days!


Ruby wears Lexington sunglasses in gold


What have you got planned for the summer? Any new music we can look forward to?

I have my EP coming out at the beginning of June so keep your eyes peeled for that. I'm also playing at The Hoxton Kitchen supporting Vanessa White on the 16th June, so come on down! 


What do you do to prepare before a set performance?

I haven't done that many shows yet so I don't have a ritual, but I guess make sure i'm in a good mood, have a hot drink and especially try to avoid alcohol.


How would you describe your style in 3 words? 

Casual (so boring), as I like to be comfortable. However, I like to look good too, so I guess it's a cross between casual and stylish! I love vintage stuff and when I look at my dad's vinyl collection I take inspiration from the covers, especially from the 70's. Talking Book by Stevie Wonder I really love ... what he's wearing on that is amazing, not that I would wear it myself! 


Ruby wears Lexington sunglasses in gold




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