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Where better than Brighton's The Great Escape festival to discover the freshest new musical talent? We headed down for day one of the now iconic seaside event with Liberty Music PR, our sunglasses and camera in tow.

Liberty Music PR hosted the #GRLPWR segment at Hotel Pelirocco on the seafront, bringing female artists together to perform sets throughout the day and sit down for some interviews with us as well. We caught up with the eclectic STAC before she mesmerised her audience with a chilled afternoon performance.


Catch STAC performing on Tuesday 6th June at the The NINES. Tickets available here.


STAC wears Lexington sunglasses in pink


How would you describe your musical style and influences?

It's always tricky for me to pinpoint my sound but somebody recently tweeted a pretty good description, which is 'electronic-folk-R'n'B-soul' ... so I was like, cool I'll take that, thanks! My biggest influences are actually my friends who are doing stuff in the industry. I'm inspired musically by what's happening now and from the underground scene more than previous albums or icons. But then personally for me I love Erika Badu, Stevie Wonder, Björk, sometimes Annie Lennox and sometimes not .. she varies for me!


When did you know you wanted to be a music artist?

I always wanted to sing and perform but I didn't really discover that was an option for me until my record label at the time forced me to get a band together at the age of 26, which I suppose is quite late in the game these days. My mum used to play Barbara Streisand when she was pregnant with me so she is convinced that's why I've always loved singing.


STAC wears Lexington sunglasses in pink


If you could be any artist, dead or alive, for a day, who would you be and what would you do?

Wow! I would definitely play at The Royal Albert Hall with a full orchestra, but I don't know who I would be. Probably someone fiercely independent and female .. maybe Björk actually. 


If you could choose any artist, dead or alive, to cover your music, who would it be?

Oh my god, great question. I think I'd love to hear a male voice cover my songs, probably someone like Otis Redding. Quite a delicious sounding vocal ... I'd love to hear that sort of rich interpretation, I think it would give my music a totally different vibe.


Favourite moment as an artist so far?

I'd say rehearsing. I love performing obviously, but I've always loved the hours of rehearsals so much. I'm really lucky because my band are my close friends, and we became great friends through doing music together and it is like a family. I love, you know, having a meal together, chilling out and just sharing love of the creative process. 


STAC wears Lexington sunglasses in pink


What have you got planned for the summer? Any new music we can look forward to?

I am hopefully releasing my second EP in September on my record label, Two Points Records, and then more gigs! Lots of different venues to go around.


What do you do to prepare before a set performance?

Probably just do my make-up and take a few deep breaths. Setting up is the main thing, the logistics of it all .. I like to be involved with all of that so there isn't much time for me to prepare by myself. If I think about it too much then it ruins the in-the-moment vibe I guess. 


How would you describe your style in 3 words? 

Oh this is where I always fall flat ... I'm terrible at describing fashion but I guess I'd say, slightly androgynous and muted (in terms of the colours I choose) ... slightly counts as one of the 3 words, right?!




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