Hook Sessions #3

Hook Sessions #3 continued this weekend as we hosted the amazing Matt Wilson in our flagship store. The bubbly Welsh singer / songwriter performed a medley of his own original acoustic material for Christmas shoppers, friends and family. 

Matt performed stunning renditions of 'Running', 'Tom Misch' and 'Water Knows' ... a song genuinely inspired by a conversation Matt had with his best mate about showering in the dark! (Don't ask .. it escalated and turned into quite the beautiful tune). He continued with his heartfelt cover of Frank Ocean's single 'Lost', followed by 'I Can See The Sun', another original piece recently written but inspired by earlier childhood days spent missing his older brother who was deployed to Iraq - a moving tribute to brotherly love.

Matt then rounded things off with 'Please Don't Wake', the upbeat 'Misbehave' and the stunning love song 'Take My Heart' that was written in just over an hour in a garage with a friend; a speedy creation but one which holds a special place in his heart.

Like many great Welsh-born artists and musicians, Matt's voice had incredible strength and richness that we're sure probably soared through the whole of Shoreditch. With a heart of gold, a charming demeanour and great personality to match the raw talent he possess, we're sure we can expect wonderful things from Matt in the future as he takes on the masses!


Matt Wilson | Brook sunglasses

Matt Wilson | Brook sunglasses

Matt Wilson | Brook sunglasses

Matt Wilson | Brook sunglasses




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