Growing up - I was pretty much blind, had a lazy eye, was made to wear an eyepatch and my mother brought me the roundest spectacles that would have given Harry Potter a run for his money!
Looking back on pictures I cringed thinking how geeky I looked in my round glasses – but now I think I was just killing the ‘Geek Chic’ from an early age. Perception is a wonderful thing. I very rarely see someone in a pair of glasses and think, you have got that SO wrong. (Sunglasses on the other hand… that’s for another time). It is all a matter of perception, and also, whether the person next to you, whose opinion you’re asking for, is bias!  
It’s not an easy process finding the right pair of glasses to suit, almost as hard as finding the perfect pair of jeans! The face is the first thing you see, so we are much more critical and cautious when buying something that is ultimately altering the way we look and how others see us! A lot boils down to the reason you are buying the glasses in the first place – to see (the obvious), fashion statement, to wear in work, going out, an allrounder.
Face shape is also a huge factor when choosing glasses as they need to fit, however one can argue, what do you define as fit? Is this down to size and measurements? or perhaps a personality fit? The sassy cat eye flick is not for everyone and neither is the perfectly round spectacles. Some prefer oversized, some prefer square. We haven’t even touched on the various colours, textures and materials available in this day and age, OH.. and matching to your hair colour, eye colour, skin colour, clothes! No one said it was easy, but once you find the pair your love, you take them everywhere with you, and can’t live without them!  
HookLDN makes glass shopping easy. We offer a try for free service meaning you can order up to four frames free of charge to try and style in your own home. Keep the ones you want, send back the ones you don’t! Easy!
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