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Fancy a little Friday treat? We caught up with singer / songwriter / producer Harley Light, aka Land Before Bedtime, this week. If you're looking for sensual weekend beats and all the awesome collaborative feels, Land Before Bedtime might just be the artist for you.

The local lad from Kent has already gathered support from the likes of Spindle Magazine and BBC Introducing from releasing just a handful of powerful singles. His new single 'Flex' also features MdotR, who's had support from Link Up TV, BL@CKBOX and UNILAD.

Check out the interview below.


Styling by Ella Light & Ethan Penn 

Land Before Bedtime in Forum optics


What inspired you to get into music?

I loved to write short stories and little poems as a kid. Then I got heavily into rap because I loved listening to lyrics. When Kanye’s debut album dropped, I remembering listening and saying to myself, "this is amazing - I want to do something like this, so I need to learn to marry the instrumentation and the words" ... That’s what made College Dropout such a great album. Basically I miss the 'old Kanye’.


Land Before Bedtime in Forum optics


What's your most memorable experience of the industry so far?

My last band got to play a showcase at Metropolis Studios for Island Records, so that was pretty special. We met loads of industry heads and to play in such an iconic space for music was pretty inspiring.


How do you approach the creative process of writing your music? What inspires you?

So my name, ‘Land Before Bedtime’, got its origin from my writing process. I write the best of my music at night before I sleep. I stick my headphones on and produce. I love stories of any kind, so I take inspiration from TV shows, books and films. I’m a total Netflix nerd. Also, I think there's nothing more inspiring than real life stories.


Land Before Bedtime in Forum optics


Which artists did you grow up listening to? Do they still influence you today?

I was a massive hip-hop fan in my start up, but I was influenced heavily by my parents. My dad loved Frank Zappa, Talking Heads, Prince etc and my mum was into Outkast, The Fugees and Wyclef’s solo stuff, so I had a great mix. I always try to take the quirkiness of David Byrne into any music I make, so I say all of these references shape and influence the music I make now. There’s also never a bad time for an Andre 3000 verse!


Land Before Bedtime in Lexington suns


Who is your favourite contemporary artist and why? 

Right now, I’m a big fan of a solo future-style RnB artist called Blackbear. I think he’s re-inventing a genre. He writes/sings/produces and self-releases and it’s where I hope to end up, so he's pretty inspiring.


If you could collaborate with anyone in the industry, dead or alive, who would it be?

One person? That’s hard! Right now I’d have to say Andre 3000, but back in the day it would have to be Talking Heads era David Byrne; he's such a genius songwriter, his melodies are Golden.


Land Before Bedtime in Lexington suns


What influences your style? What is your favourite fashion trend?

I take a lot of my fashion style from the music world. I think they are intrinsically linked, so right now, with the style of my music, I am quite inclined to wear streetwear, but I love the simplistic nature of the brand Uniqlo and their relationships with icons such as Pharell. My favourite fashion trend is Korean streetwear, specifically pastel colours.


Land Before Bedtime in Lexington suns


What's your dream for the future? Do you have a venue you'd love to play or a country you'd love to tour?

The dream is to be successful, self-releasing with full creative control and ultimately to just be happy. The venue would have to be O2 Brixton Academy, just because I grew up going to so many gigs there - to join the ranks of some of my favourite artists would be amazing, plus I like smaller venues as they feel like they have more of a vibe. A country I'd love to tour would have to be America. I’ve spent a lot of personal time on the west coast, but I’d love to go in a career capacity and play some shows.


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Confident, driven, introspective.


Land Before Bedtime in Lexington suns


What's the best piece of advice you've been given that you would pass on?

I think the best piece of advice I've been given is that "you’ll never be successful if you don’t leave the house" and that there is no such thing as an overnight success. It made me realise, especially as a ‘bedroom producer’, that if I’m not out meeting people and pushing my music in any way I can, I’ll never be heard. It’s going well so far, so I’d pass that on to anyone trying to make music right now.




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