Q&A with Nathan Ball

Never before have we come across an artist so warm, friendly, positive and laid-back about their own success and talent as when we finally got to sit down with and get to know the charming Nathan Ball.

We first saw Nathan perform at FARR Festival in 2016 and were immediately struck by his soulful tone and stunning lyrics, and basically, we've been longing for the chance to hear him perform a live acoustic set ever since.

Having already supported the likes of Tom Odell, Simply Red and Van Morrison, and as well as being a regular favourite of BBC Radio 1 Introducing's Greg, Adele, Scott, Clara and Dev, it's no wonder this alternative-folk singer/songwriter, who's a blissful mix of James Bay and Sundara Karma, is gathering quite the following. Check out our interview below.


How did you first get into the industry?

I was always a big music fan and then I started playing guitar age 14, and had couple of lessons at school. The teacher was in a tribute band to The Who and he would honestly spend about 29 minutes out of 30 talking about The Who and playing his own guitar solos. I loved his enthusiasm and passion for it but I wasn't really learning anything myself soo ... I quit the lessons and started trying to teach myself, and I was by no means a 'pro' but I just started writing around it all and got better and better and now here I am. Kinda crazy when I look back.


Nathan Ball | Union sunglasses


What have been your career highlights so far?

I grew up with a lot of Van Morrison in the house, my family were and still are huge fans and i've idolised him my whole life. We actually got the chance to support him last year which was ridiculous, down at The Eden Project in Cornwall. That's definitely one of the best moments. We play in Holland quite a lot and we have great fans out there, especially in Amsterdam. We supported Mick Hucknall / Simply Red last year and Tom Odell in Germany as well, both of them were unbelievably nice!


Nathan Ball | Union sunglasses


Fashion wise, what's your go-to style?

I'm pretty much always in black, it's just easier isn't it? It's the same vibe on and off stage. These Nike's have been my staple shoes for about the last 5 years, they're totally knackered. I love surf brands too as I spend a lot of my free time at the beach. The shirt i'm wearing is Weekday's, lovely brand .. and I always wear a hat to cover my mop too!


Nathan Ball | Union sunglasses


What have you got coming up this year that we can look forward to?

Yep, I know we're allowed to announce Live At Leeds, there are more but i'm not sure if I can say yet! But i'll let you know soon. I also might be doing a small electronic side project back at FARR Festival this summer which would be really cool, so stay tuned for updates on that. A lo of recording, a lot of writing, a lot of songs to be released ... busy year!



How have you found the music business so far?

I mean ... it's a mess, it's a total, f**king mess .. it's madness but it's quite exciting. Sometimes there is method in the madness, I won't go into just how crazy it gets, but it is mental. At the same time though, I'm so grateful to be able to get to see it all happening and every encounter I've had so far, professionally speaking, has been really positive. I'm one of the lucky ones I think, I know not everyone has such a good time, so I don't take it for granted.





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