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06 October 2016

 We had a quick catch up with the lovely Samantha Angelo, editorial stylist, creative director, eyewear fanatic and fashion blogger extraordinaire.

What connections can you make between life in NYC and LDN?

I’ll never forget my first visit to London. I specifically travelled there to see the premiere of ‘Love Never Dies’ the sequel to ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ by Andrew Lloyd Weber. It was scheduled to come to Broadway, but never did, so I was thankful I made the trip! Recently I had the opportunity to see the London Symphony perform in London, a bucket list dream of mine.

I see the connection between NYC and London through their similar and booming cultural arts scene, be it music, fashion design, art or theatre. Both NYC and London are hubs of talent and creativity.

What’s your favourite LDN discovery?

East London’s Broadway Market, one of the coolest outdoor markets I’ve ever been to and the best facial I’ve ever had at Soveral London.

If you could step into the shoes of your idol for one day, who would it be and what would you do?

I wouldn’t mind being Frank Ocean for a day. I think he writes such beautiful poetry and the way he puts these words to music is like no other. I would love to experience his thoughts for a day and sing my favorite songs of his in front of an intimate audience.

Favourite way to spend a Sunday in London?

Brunch at Sketch or at one of the amazing Soho House locations. Followed by a bike ride around the city finding my way to Mayfair for a stroll through Berkley Square. Later I would attend a London Symphony concert.


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